FashionBar Raises The Bar for Chicago Couture Fashion

Hello Gorgeous.

Paris Fashion Week was last week, but this weekend, Chicago has its own fashion scene.

Is Chicago a Fashion City?

FashionBar, a Chicago strategy and consulting company for Chicago designers, was founded by Tony Long to bridge the gap between the fashion scenes in LA and New York and allow Chicago to emerge as its own front runner fashion scene.

And there are beautiful clothes and stylish Chicago city girls even if their ensemble is under winter coats and soon-to-be spring coats.

Chicago’s fashion week is squeezed into weekend fashion shows. From March 18-20, 2016, FashionBar is presenting two premier Chicago fashion runway shows at some of Chicago’s ritziest hotels for a night of Chicago couture fashion and a spotlight on two Chicago-based designers and Chicago fashion boutiques.

2016 Chicago Couture Fashion Show at the Radisson Blu:

On Friday, March 18, 2016 is FashionBar’s 2016 Chicago Couture Fashion Show.  Chicago’s fashion runway show will feature debut collections from Chicago-based  designers, Prina Bagia and Anastasia Chatzka.

This exclusive event at the Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel Chicago will be limited to the first 100 guests.

Wear your best for the red carpet Chicago fashion event. Doors will open at 6:30 pm for photos on the red carpet immediately following a cocktail hour with live entertainment beginning at 7:00 pm. The Chicago fashion show begins at 8:15 pm.

The best part is that while you are supporting Chicago couture fashion designers, a portion of ticket sales will also benefit Avanse, a nonprofit organization for children in poverty.

Click here for tickets to the Friday night Chicago Couture Fashion Show.

Annual Portfolio Chicago Fashion Show at The Drake:

On Sunday, March 20, 2016, FashionBar will be presenting another group of Chicago designer’s work for the Fall and Winter 2016 Portfolio Show at The Drake Hotel. FashionBar’s annual fashion show is a collaboration between FashionBar’s clients who are working towards transforming Chicago into a fashion city.

The fashion show will take place from 5:30 pm to 9:00 pm with a red carpet and cocktail hour, with the Chicago fashion show beginning at 7:15 pm.

Featured Chicago Designers:

  • Christopher DiGiorgio
  • Humane Envy
  • Laura Daili Vilnius
  • Kristina Giedra
  • Nadia Dovidi Designs

Again, the best part is that while you are supporting Chicago couture fashion designers and Chicago fashion boutiques, a portion of ticket sales will also benefit Avanse, a nonprofit organization for children in poverty.

Click here for tickets to the Annual Portfolio Chicago Fashion Show at The Drake Hotel on Chicago’s iconic Michigan Ave.


FashionBar provided the below bios for the designers in the Chicago fashion show:

Christopher DiGiorgio – “Fashion is life to me. Fashion is the expression of the archetypal symbols of existence. My designs help free me from space and time. My sincerest hope is to make a success and impact on the world via my artistic statement in sartorial style.” (2015)

Humane Envy – Jennifer Stecher is thrilled to be the designer for Humane Envy. The brand is a socially conscience clothing line that provides excellent quality products for women of different sizes, shapes and backgrounds. She has not undergone the typical route to become a fashion designer. Jennifer decided to use clothing design as a creative release from other stressors in her life. As a veterinarian in Chicago, she knew that the journey to begin a clothing line would be challenging. However with a lot of passion and determination, the dream of starting her own clothing line became a reality. Humane Envy provides women the opportunity to not only dress to reflect their personality and sense of style, but also reflect their morals. A portion of Humane Envy’s profits will be donated to local animal rescue organizations and cancer-support organizations. Also, Humane Envy strives to allow all women to feel beautiful and confident in complimentary designs, fabrics and overall clothing structure.

Laura Dailivilnius Designs – Daili label represents professional fashion designer Laura Daili who has an international acknowledgement in fashion industry. This designer, showcases her collections through prestigious fashion shows worldwide in fashion capitals such as Tokyo, New York, Philadelphia, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, Berlin, Riga, Lviv and Vilnius. Laura Daili established her own designer house in Lithuanian capital, Vilnius, called “Laura Daili Vilnius” Label “Daili” is for a modern woman that respects quality and embraces originality. Her statement: “fashion is delicate like glass and infinite like time”

Kristina Giedra – Fashion designer Kristina Giedra was born in Lithuanian. For over 20 years her design and innovation has earned her a following in women’s fashion. Kristina’s vitality and free spirit is seen in her design work which is known for bringing glamour, an exciting flair to women’s wear. She has lent her design expertise to custom projects for her exclusive clientele in custom fit apparel. In addition to clothing, the designer expanded her brand into other directions to include custom accessories, handbags, hats, and wedding wear. Her foray into fashion began in Lithuania and then she moved to the US with big dreams of becoming a designer. In later years, when she moved to the United States, she launched her own boutique business doing custom fashion design and alterations. With her talent and success, she recently launched her own signature collection of evening wear, dresses and suits for women. Kristina Giedra lives in Bloomingdale, Illinois with her husband, and her son.

Nadia Dovidi Designs – Nadia Dovydi is a Russian born Fashion Designer with 30 years pattern making, draping and garment creation of women’s wear apparel. Nadia’s dolls were the beneficiaries of her earliest childhood sewing experience and design expertise. Nadia began to realize her design capabilities unfolding before her very eyes in this world of fashion. sewing, materials and is inspired by people who wear fashionable attire. After completing her early schooling and without hesitation she immediately enrolled in Polytechnic Sewing Institute because she knew exactly what was going to her strengths which was garment creation. Upon completion of the Polytechnic Sewing Institute, life’s winds of change directed her to live in Lithuania where she experienced countless opportunities and design knowledge with a wide variety of materials, places, people and studios. This field of fashion and garment creation is what drives Nadia’s passion and love, because this is her life calling!




Don Your Victoria’s Secret Laciest During This Valentine’s Day Chicago Charity Run

Running outside (in the city!) in my Victoria’s Secret lace sounds a little extreme—extreme like the weather we tend to have in February.

No, no one is taking my clothes. But you and I might be rethinking them during Valentine’s Day  Victoria’s Secret sales.

With all of this extra sleepwear, what’s a single girl to do?

We brainstormed and slumber parties were totally part of the list. But, we thought we could use our Victoria’s Secret laciest to draw attention and raise funds for a greater good.

My friend, Maddy Osman (@MaddyOsman), created the answer: use your Victoria’s Secret sleepwear for charity this Valentine’s Day Weekend in Chicago’s Annual Cupid’s Undie Run.

I know you’ve been working out and need an excuse to show for your January New Year’s Resolution progress.

Lace and Other Details:

Running should be fun and nothing will give you a rush like running in your bedroom’s best.

The fun begins on Saturday, February 13, 2016, in Chicago.

  • Noon – Doors open & the party starts!
  • 1:00 PM – Awards ceremony
  • 2:00 PM – Cupid’s Undie Run
  • 3:30 PM – Earned “open bar” closes
  • 4:00 PM – Bag check closes, Cupid’s officially ends

Is There An Open Bar?

I tried to answer your most important questions first.

So, yes my Chicago cocktail queens and cosmo lovers, there will be an open bar. All you have to do is spread the word (aka share this article or bring up its contents during happy hour) and raise $250. Full Disclosure and Rewards for top charity fundraisers are here. 

What to Wear:

In all soberness, I wouldn’t wear lace to a race. But to each her own.

Chicago runners get creative and wear onesies or sport’s bras or as the name call’s for, underwear.

There is even Cupid’s Undie Run merchandise that you can purchase or use for inspiration.

Note: You don’t need to go shopping at Victoria’s Secret for this charity run.

Cupid's Undie Run Chicago 2016 Photo: Cupid's Undie Run

Cupid’s Undie Run Chicago 2016 Photo: Cupid’s Undie Run

Picture Everyone in What Room in Their Underwear?

You’ll be running in Wrigleyville. And trust me, Wrigleyville has seen crazier things than you and your underwear.

Starting at John Barleycorn (3524 N. Clark Street) you will run a lap around the under construction, Cub’s Stadium, as you enter the streets of Chicago’s most flamboyant and lively.

Cupid’s Undie Run Official Map

Going The Distance For Love:

It’s a brief run. BIG party.

You don’t have to walk 1,000 miles or even 500 miles. It’s one mile, babes. We can do it (though maybe not without a sports bra).

You, Me and Who?

Like the confident woman I know you are, you can run alone. But, you can also make it a group effort and raise money for Cupid’s Undie Run in Chicago by registering as a team.

And, no, Chicago isn’t the only city participating.

Cupid has expanded his reach and put the love spell on San Diego, Milwaukee, Virginia Beach, Miami and Salt Lake City,  Vancouver, Canada and Gold Coast, Australia.

Charity Run:

Feel like there’s no one who wants your love this Valentine’s Day Weekend? Think again.

The Children’s Tumor Foundation will benefit from your race donations. The Children’s Tumor Foundation is the world’s largest non-government organization dedicated to ending Neurofibromatosis (NF) through research.

The founders created this charity running event with a clothing optional twist for a reason:

We run in our undies because people with NF can’t cover up their tumors. They can’t put clothes on to feel more comfortable, so why should we?

Children with the genetic disorder, Neurofibromatosis (NF) develop tumors. These tumors lead to several problems including:

  • blindness
  • deafness
  • learning disabilities
  • severe chronic pain

$3.5 MILLION was raised last year for The Children’s Tumor Foundation.
Join the Fun and help double it for 2016!

P.S. Your company might match your charity donation!

Cupid’s Calling: Sign-up Now:

You may be wearing less, but you can save more if you sign-up early!

Register by February 5, 2016: $45

February 6, 2016 – Chicago Race Day: $55

P.S. All team members have to register individually, so just tell your friends your team name and they can choose it from the drop-down when they register.

An Extra Race Discount for my Windy City Cosmo Loves:

I don’t have a bow and arrow like cupid, but I do have a special EXTRA discount for you.

Get 10% off registration with code “CHICUR$”!

Bonus: It’s your first charity race of the year.

I just might be the girl in the pink robe this Valentine’s Day Weekend running down the streets of Chicago. Share the love and the Chicago event invite by tagging @WindyCityCosmo on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook and use the hashtag: #EndNF.

Skimp On the Clothes, Not Your Charity Donation:

Windy City Cosmo will be racing this Saturday, February 13, 2016. Help support by donating here so we can help children like Kelsey, who has been fighting for her health and her life since 3 years old.

You can always, donate here to help The Children’s Tumor Foundation and keep the Victoria’s Secret lingerie and (how you look in them) to yourself.