Chicago: A City Where Nice Guys Exist

Chicago: A City Where Nice Guys Exist

I don’t think we give enough credit to the Chicago gentleman.

There are a lot of genuinely kind, good guys in the city.

Beyond chivalry, Chicago men are genuinely kind and considerate to their fellow Chicagoans, especially when it comes to lifting suitcases up and down the stairs.

I will admit, I noticed this guy on the train for his bag. It was whiter than snow—unscuffed in every degree. He was a noticeably tall, well-dressed, white man-purse-wearing man, who I thanked in my mind for his attention to details. But, he was more than a polished look.

At the last leg of his evening commute, this guy saw a woman with a child struggling to lift two suitcases down the stairs. She was at the top of the steps stranded. There was no elevator at this platform.

He picked up her large navy suitcase and took it down the stairs, walked it through the gate and held the gate open for her as she rolled the smaller bag through the CTA checkpoint.

That was it. One bag. One woman. One flight of stairs. He didn’t ask questions. He saw someone in need of help, and helped.

Three years ago I was that woman with two suitcases struggling to bring them down the stairs. At that time, a guy walking by grabbed my luggage and left it at the end of the stairs for me. There were no words exchanged. No eye contact. He just did it.

With all of this snow, I have witnessed more people helping people. They have helped pedestrians maneuver through the sidewalks, which have turned into obstacle courses. They have pushed cars out of the snow.

Chicago may be cold, but there is warmth in the people.

Thank you, Chicago gentleman.