Topshop Pop-up Beauty Event on Michigan Ave.

Summer is on it’s way and with a new season comes a new look. To celebrate the 5 year anniversary of Topshop Beauty, the shop on Michigan Ave. in Chicago (830 N Michigan Avenue) will be hosting a weekend pop-up event. Topshop’s top-selling beauty products will be specially repackaged in gold wrapping in honor of the anniversary.topshop

While you shop for beauty products, get beautified during the pop-up event on June 12-14, 2015 from 12 pm to 7 pm. Enjoy organic treats from West Town Bakery. Get beach curls or a blow out from Kelly Cardena’s Salon, and don’t forget about your nails. Spifster Suton Nails will be offering manicures with freestyle nail art.

No appointment necessary. A list of prices can be found below:

Kelly Cardenas Salon – Hair styling and services

$25 Smooth Criminal = 25 minutes

$25 Motion of the Ocean (curls and waves) = 25 minutes

$45 Boheme Braids = 30 minutes

$65 Uptown Girl = 45 minutes

Spifster Sutton Nail – Nail shape, paint & nail art

$30, Simple Spif – 1-2 designs per hand, freestyle

$45, Sorta Spif – 3-4 designs per hand, freestyle

$60, Supreme Spif – all nails designed, freestyle

West Town Bakery – serving small packaged sweets and cakes

Unicorn Blood Coffee Bag – $8.50

Pecan Toffee Bag – $8.50

Chocolate Bars – $5.00

Varieties include:

A 64% Dark Chocolate/Barrel Aged Coffee Bean Bar Black Splash candy bar

A 41% Semi- Sweet Chocolate/Barrel Aged Coffee Bean Bar Black Splash candy bar

A 35% Milk Chocolate/Barrel Aged Coffee Bean Bar Black Splash candy bar