The #1 Reason Why You Should Be a Morning Person By: Amanda Elliott

The #1 Reason You Should Be a Morning Person

We need to re-think mornings. Did you get the memo that you should be a morning person?

There are lots of reasons to be an early riser.They say it will help you be organized. They make you feel like you are doing life wrong and other (successful) people are doing it better. They throw in the competitive edge. And even give morning people a dateable status. The list really goes on and on.

But, in every blog post I have read about career advice and being a morning person (which, at one point was a lot considering I worked for career advice queen, Heather Huhman, among others), they never mention the view.

Full disclosure, I am not a morning person. But, today I woke up before the sunrise. While I was walking to the gym, I realized the sun was going to rise during my workout, so I ran along the lake front path instead.

And it was then I realized why people are morning people. The sunrise is pretty phenomenal. There is this calm in the morning, when the sun is about to rise and the day is about to start. You can’t get this at any other part of the day.

As the days of summer in Chicago come to a close, I encourage you to find that morning person in you and get up to see the sunrise. You don’t have to run or make a to-do list. Simply get up, maybe sit by Lake Michigan, and start your day looking at the sunrise. Granted you can still see the sunrise year-round in Chicago. It will just be colder and as an effect, probably a little bit harder. See what it does for the rest of your morning, or even your day and week.

For inspiration and beautiful pictures of Chicago sunrises, follow Sithy.J on Instagram.


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