Why All I Want This Christmas is You

Why All I Want This Christmas is You

I will confess, during the holidays I mooch off of other people’s families. See that picture above—that’s me having breakfast with my friend’s wonderful family.

My plus one at holiday parties is a martini.

I don’t have any family in Chicago. I have amazing friends, but no family. But, I do have a family. I do—a loving, wonderful family. And spending it with my real, amazing family is what makes the holidays wonderful to me.

Travel Thousands of Miles:

I was there for Black Friday. The struggle was real to wake up from the post Turkey nap get a good discount on the blazer for my brother.

While I love shopping, my favorite part of Black Friday and the holiday season this year was that I traveled thousands of miles to be with my brother and spend quality time doing what we do best — update our wardrobes.

Being with family for Thanksgiving—even though it was just one of my siblings, was amazing. It made me appreciate the holidays on a new level.

All I Want for Christmas:

This holiday season, while I will be Pinteresting presents and excited for the gifting and the giving, I’m so much more excited that I have you to not only shop for, but spend time together with.

These are the parts of Christmas that most excite me about hanging out with you this Christmas:

1. Hugs.

I don’t know about you, but I am looking forward to some love and affection. As an Italian, I love hugs. And I love getting hugged by people I know like me (cough, not my Tinder date, cough). Those people would be my friends and family. During the holidays, hugs warm me up on another level especially when I get off the plane and run into my father’s arms at the airport.

2. Seeing friends and people from high school.

Getting together with people you grew up with is that Hallmark card that hasn’t been made yet. I know high school was so 2000s, but I kind of love the awkward and informal reunions during Christmas time. My classmates all went on to work for the President or travel the world, and I love that we all still come back to our hometown and get together once a year. Nostalgia, love!

3. A good holiday party.

I like events and parties. They are the highlights of my day.

The holidays are a great time to hang out with friends you haven’t seen and maybe, just maybe you might meet someone who will like all those Instagram photos you post of your Christmas vacation.

But honestly, I like to go to that one Christmas party where I know everyone and want to hangout with everyone in the room.

Every year, my sisters and I throw a Winter Whining party and it’s the highlight of my season.

4. Hanging out with my parents.

It’s weird that I have come to the age where I want to hang out with my parents. They are as much my parents as they are my mentors, my cheerleaders, and my friends. It’s nice to have their wisdom, but it’s also nice that I am on their level, making adult decisions.

I was watching  Four Christmases this weekend, and Reese Witherspoon was packing for Fiji. I wanted to go with her. I did, But I still would choose to go home and see my parents over taking another adventurous vacation. Plus, I grew up in South Florida, so I can do the whole Christmas at the beach moment if I wanted to.

5. Taking the pretentious Christmas picture.

By now if you haven’t taken your Christmas picture, you are looking through your vacation photos wishing there was one good shot of everyone. The Christmas card is that opportunity to look pretty and tell your world that you went somewhere and you progressed in someway as a family.

We’ve stood next to cows, been blinded by the sun for that perfect beach family photo, and even had a Victorian Christmas photo. It’s getting to that awkward stage in my life where my siblings are entering into their thirties next year and we’re not going to do the Christmas card anymore.  PS this might have already happened because I don’t even know what it looks like right now. And I’m going to miss it.

Going Home For Christmas:

All I want for Christmas is you. I want your company and the moment of burning Christmas cookies and laughing so hard we can’t finish our wine.

Today, I finally bought my plane tickets home. And I’m so excited to be with you this Christmas.

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