In a Saturated Market, The Only Way to Stand Out is a Resume

Dating: How to Stand out in a saturated market

In what is being called an “unreal effort” on social media, one man’s attempt to date has gone viral. Joseph A. Adams put together a dating resume to respond to someone’s Facebook post asking for suitors.

Of course, Joseph is from Michigan, and he even created charts to showcase his interests. In case you’re wondering, Netflix and making bomb playlists are part of that chart – still unknown if they include Drake’s “More Life” or old school alternative from The Goo Goo Dolls.

According to Elite Daily, he didn’t get a date with the first Facebook post, but because he was prepared when this girl asked, other girls have noticed – and shared his resume. And it looks like he will have plenty of dates.

Although people look at the workforce as a saturated and competitive space, I don’t think anyone anticipated the amount of people they are competing with in the dating world.

There’s an estimated 50 million users on Tinder alone. Fifty million. And at 35 minutes a day, 10 million active users daily, it’s easy  to get a match but not be asked out especially when you move to other apps like Bumble, with time and gender constraints  – women have to say something more creative than “hi” to get a man’s attention.

I must say, he seems witty, he indicates that he’s educated and has a stable job, and he is relatable, but at the same time his extra effort shows that he’s serious. I mean damn, Joseph. It’s great. There are a few things that every girl wants to know before matching with someone from an app or the internet. And he didn’t cover all of them.

I agree that sometimes it’s hard to standout on dating apps and websites. All you really want to know is:

  • Are you available in the next few hours or days (please don’t be boarding a flight to London and match with me)?
  • Are you a reasonable height?
  • Do you have a job – and a career in mind i.e. something that says I’m looking at my life from another perspective than the present?
  • What are your intentions?  – are you going to knock on my door at 3 am to make out with me?
  • And, especially in the Trump era – are you a Republican or Democrat?

Of course, chemistry and conversations, scent, and availability are only things you can find out once in person.

After using dating apps since 2014, I admit that it’s painful that I’ve already re-matched with past suitors and I don’t know if it’s because they forget that we went out once or they thought we were friends and could catch up. You start to think that maybe you should go to events or join a sports league instead of swiping for Mr. Right (Now).

See Joseph’s complete dating resume below. Now all I want to know is if you saw this resume, would you text him or send him a LinkedIn invite?

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