Wedding Season: What to do when you can’t make it?

Wedding Season: What to do when you can’t make it?

Oh, wedding season. It really is a great time of year. Some people wait their whole lives (or it seems like that) to find the one. So, when a friend is getting married, it is not something to gloss over. But, with big life events come big celebrations and big bills.

I love being there for my friends. But sans a car and vacation time, I had to get creative on how to be there for a friend getting married without actually being there. Know what I mean?

Usually a wedding comes with a wedding shower and a bachelorette weekend on top of the wedding and maybe dress shopping and other events. For me, it’s important to be there for when my friends get married. Even if I can’t make it to all the festivities I will try to squeeze in some bachelorette fun before the wedding or send a surprise fun wedding package.

One of my best friends is getting married and my heart hurt that I couldn’t make it to bachelorette weekend. I’m not in the wedding but she’s like a sister to me. So, I surprised her with a fun wedding gift. I know it can’t replace the moments on the vineyard and the selfies and other bachelorette weekend debauchery, but important people deserve a little something extra. One of my favorite parts about the wedding is getting ready. There’s a lot going on and a lot of pictures, so I sent her this Sugar Set Giftbox with a personalized robe and travel mug.

It’s hard to miss out on big life events. I don’t know how you guys handle wedding season. For me, I always try and make it to the wedding. I have gotten myself into some adventurous situations, but that’s another story for another town 🙂

Cheers to making the women and men in our lives feel special on their special day.

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