Virtual Vacay: Rome Day 2

Virtual Vacay: Rome Day 2

Roma Day 2: The Spanish Steps!

Italians have so much love and warmth. They love food, they love people, they love steps, they love the pope, and they love love.

I didn’t expect this to happen so soon, but I was sitting on a patio and a guy with chocolate brown eyes caught my eye (starting to really miss people). This is a family vacation and I’m 30, not 16, (I’m an adult, I can follow quarantine rules) so I decided not to have my Eat, Pray Love moment with a man (we’re not allowed to meet), but rather with pizza (leftover banana bread again). Hmmm he’s still here (I still really miss people and hugs). Might bend the rules for him and say ciao (FaceTime a friend and hug my pillow).

Found the best pizza in Rome. Worth the wait and it was cheap.

One of my favorite things to do is people watch. (Go on walks and see people cross the sidewalk to avoid me). After a long day of walking, I just wanted fresh water but everything is sparkling here (ran out of vodka).

I even tried to sit on the Spanish Steps (steps at a Church), but now we’re not allowed to. I wonder where people meet now (everybody is hiding from each other)? The steps are so iconic.

I had a lot of energy after seeing the Spanish Steps so I decided to go to the art museum – the oldest art museum, Capitoline Museums.

Taking in the beautiful art at Capitoline Museums.

Time moves really slowly here. Really taking it all in.

Kisses (thru the phone), Amanda