The First Thing I Did in Iceland

The First Thing I Did in Iceland

There’s something amazing about going on vacation especially when you get to do the thing that you wanted to do – your bucket list item – first. And mine was the Blue Lagoon.

I went on a family vacation to Iceland. It was originally supposed to be Italy in April 2020 – and then Italy and the world shut down because of COVID. So, I recreated Italy in Chicago.

We, like most people during COVID who planned international trips, booked this one the week before we left. This was the third trip my brother planned on the third continent. So, we’re just excited that this trip is actually happening. We mostly followed a really nice itinerary from My Faulty Compass – you can see the 8 day itinerary here.

But, we decided to swap the last day with the first day on their itinerary. And since this activity was only 15 minutes from Keflavik airport, it was also convenient Since, on our last day, we’ll be getting up early to get a COVID test before our flight.

Since we all took overnight flights to Iceland, it was an early morning going through customs, and I wish I was kidding, about an extra hour and 15 mins getting through the car rental line.

So, my mom, brother and I woke up from the frigid air, packed into the Toyota Yaris and went straight to the spa. I’m a city girl but also really excited for waterfalls and hiking.

So we were excited to start the adventure, but when we got out of the car, we realized that we were actually at the geothermal plant next door to the Blue Lagoon. Interesting fact, the Blue Lagoon is man-made. According to, the water runoff from the geothermal plant helped create the Blue Lagoon.

The Blue Lagoon is one of the 25 wonders of the world. And all I am going to say is it really does wonders for your skin.

The Blue Lagoon is so relaxing! That was until I tried to get past the turnstile with my pass and kept missing the small window where I could pass so I ended up forcing myself through. The receptionist already hated me.

Your pass comes with a drink from the swim-up bar and the most amazing face mask of your life. Brought back the lava rocks face mask for my boyfriend – men seem to like that one. I loved the silica face mask.

We went into our locker rooms and the technology in Iceland is amazing (this time it actually worked). You open a locker and put your stuff in it and then scan your watch on the main wall and it knows what locker number is yours. Anyways, then everyone has to shower. They seriously have shower guards to make sure you shower. Thank God, there were private stalls and they had shampoo and conditioner and soap. While the silica and sulphuric water at the Blue Lagoon are great for your skin, it’s not for your hair. The Blonde Abroad has some tips for protecting your hair. 

The Blue Lagoon actually starts from inside, so we didn’t have to run out in the cold to get in. My face lit up. Since, yeah Iceland is freezing.



Amanda Elliott
Amanda Elliott

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