Hope you aren’t wearing suede heels in this weather – oh, wait that’s Seattle. 

Welcome to Windy City Cosmo, a lifestyle blog that looks at city life in an artistic light. I’m Amanda Elliott, and I seek to draw connections and capture Chicago’s flare through ambiance, food, and conversations at professional and creative events.

When I came to Chicago, I wanted to live the chic, cosmopolitan, Carrie Bradshaw-esque life that is totally possible in the city! So, I created Windy City Cosmo, to learn from women who are building their own business as Chicago female entrepreneurs, but also learn about adulting as a freelancer and growing in my career as a marketer through events at General Assembly, NextDoor, 1871 and conferences like TechWeek.

I’m not looking to sip and dip at events (although sometimes it can be awkward), I really believe that meeting people in person is important, and I hope to build connections whether it’s by finding new friends (because everyone tends to leave after a year or two), creating partnerships or finding the next best cocktails to take a date. 

This is a place where you can find that chic restaurant or happy hour bar, talk about your unexpected lover, and be inspired by entrepreneurs and the savvy social media socialites meeting and greeting, and most importantly building a better version of themselves and the world. Sip a cosmo, read a cosmo, and live a cosmopolitan life on Windy City Cosmo.

your favorite city girl, Amanda Elliott

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To be featured in Windy City Cosmo, send press releases and business proposals about Chicago’s tech scene, new restaurants, and classy bars, entrepreneurs, networking events, and other Chicago happenings to WindyCityCosmo@gmail.com.

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