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 He lived where few dared tread, nursing a meager pension that barely paid for his daily needs. Life was hard here on the desert, where the preservation of water was almost as sacred as life itself. Yet the solitary life held its private rewards with an iron grip, protecting its own from the ravages of pressure and identity with the serenity of its auburn skies. His nights were filled with the deserts song and the dreams of eternity, and he hungered for little, knowing that possession feeds upon itself.

It was during a cold and starry night that she came to him on her ship of a thousand winds. Unlike any he had known she appeared as a vision and spoke through his mind's eye of ages past and futures lost. Her plight was as timeless as her flowing lines, merging on themselves in a delicately haunting tune of grace and nurturance. She had searched the seas of stars for one who's seed might offer the tranquility her offspring would require in an expanding universe of real forced anal against her will technocracy and apathy. She chose him for his unevasive wisdom, and gentle acceptance of all things under the sun.
They would spend a night of passion in the sand, unfolding their secrets and caressing their cares. Few would achieve the flight of they shared that gentle night, and fewer still would allow the glorious creature to escape with nary a whimper as he. With their song still echoing its ecstasies in his being, she disappeared into the starry sea without promises while nurturing his last best hopes for humanity.
He would perish alone yet fulfilled.

She arrived on a beam of light in the midst of a dark night to and enslaved world of greed and poverty. Her heart cried out at the lonely desperation that flooded her senses and she fled into the desert wilderness of her forefather only to find his remains blowing through time. Sleep would flee her this night as she struggled to understand this world of plenty where most was given to an elect few. Her tears would flow as petals from a dying rose and she would come to know of the evil that men do is as universal a characteristic as the love they hunger for. Her departure would go unnoticed by all save a nameless vagrant that was awakened from his drunken dreams by a brilliant beam of life. He remains sober to this day.

Several cycles would pass before she had attained the wisdom to understand this world and return to its madness. Arriving in a remote community by the sea on a particularly cool and humid night, she strolled through the sand towards the time-worn vessel of a man lost in his loneliness. Her hands soothed his hardened heart as she guided him from the pounding surf up into the trees that surrounded the rocky shoreline. He smiled up at her with a toothy grin, surrendering himself completely to the soft touch of his angel. She felt the love he had imprisoned for decades began to flow from within, and she caressed his tired, weather-worn lines with timeless gentleness, caressing his fears from their bastions into the open sea air.

Despite the chill from the northerly autumn winds, he was warmed by her embrace and found himself caressing her flawless beauty with the childlike curiosity that only virginity can embrace. She responded with grace and empathy, awakening senses that long ago retired in futility. Their caresses became more bold and assuming, until they were totally disrobed and starving for one another. Impassioned, they rolled through the sand, locked in a lovers embrace that enjoined not only their longing spirits, but the universality of timeless love itself. In and unending symphony of unselfish beauty they brought each other to the brink of passionate ecstasy, only to withdraw xnxxv sunny leone video much as the sea from its earthy host.

The cycle of ecstasy continued until, in one blinding moment, the became enjoined ultimately, and with the rush of the winds, their passions exploded across the seas of time in the harmony of the heavens. Then, just as her Mother had conceived in ages past, so too did she, feeling the warmth of his essence fulfill the desperate yearnings she had suppressed through the ages. As their passions ebbed, she allowed herself the luxury of his intimate embrace until his spirit begrudgingly fled. Through the night she held his lifeless form and sang songs of tomorrow as the peace within her flowed through time. The early light of morning would find her a free spirit, dancing through the stars on her way home. His corpse would endure the ravishes of the morning tide to eventually drift out to sea and vanish.

And for one night, the world would know peace.