What Do City Girls Do During The Weekend?

January and Chicago winters in general is a time that you either get sick, get asked to cuddle, or Netflix and Chill by yourself.

One of my favorite newsletters, The Hustle, asked their readers to submit a selfie with what they did over the weekend. The results were pretty mixed and inspiring from a weekend of calling relatives and Netflix and Chill to a day on a plane.

Every weekend it seems like there are the standard options – go on a Tinder date, go to the bar, Netflix or read, and apparently meal prep and grocery shop are also popular as well as go to the gym.

But reflecting over this weekend, I didn’t really do any of those things. You can always check real time updates on my Snapchat (Rationalization) or my Instagram (@WindyCityCosmo), but for a whole snapshot of a city girl’s weekend plans during the winter in Chicago, here you go.

Cheers to saying no to cabin fever.

This weekend started off. I have been trying to take a break from dating -something I seem to do every year in January or February. As I started swiping, my friend invited me over. I got together with a few friends who were studying for their project management certification. We made pasta and garlic bread and talked about politics especially NATO and Donald Trump. Then we moved onto discussing whether I wear too much black, if we should make YouTube channels and the struggles in interracial relationships.

I took an Uber home and crashed on my friend’s couch. The next morning my friend had a day date – a breakfast date. She came back, and she helped me move some stuff into my new apartment.

She decided that some things have to go and we threw out dragged a dresser to the curb.

We went shopping for a few apartment things on State Street and then ate dinner at Nando’s on Wabash. Their chicken is everything.


She went home to Netflix because A Series of Unfortunate Events was released on Friday the 13th and then, she got ready for a party. I went to my apartment. I found the grocery store nearby and talked to my parents while I shopped for gluten-free waffles. That wasn’t the intent, but I always like to try something new when I shop. P.S. the grocery store is a ghost town on Saturday night.

My friend came over to my new apartment. And though we talked about going to a bar we ended up drinking cider, talking about relationships and watching the last episode in Gilmore Girls Revival (and surprisingly liking it more the second time watching it). My friend went to the Green Mill, and I fell asleep around 1:30 am.

The next morning I woke up and hit snooze. I rushed to take a shower and realized I forgot to buy soap. So, I used hand soap! Then I took an Uber to church. I met with my friend and we made plans to watch The Bachelor, though Nick is being a bit weird.

I took the Clark bus downtown and figured out how to get quarters to do this week’s worth of laundry (which by the way is at the bank, or if it’s Sunday, at Mariano’s). I had book club that afternoon so I was religiously listening to the audiobook “Born a Crime”. Pro tip: if you speed up the reading time to 1.5 speed, you can still understand the book and finish it. Yes, Trevor Noah’s book is amazing.

Book Club:

The painters came to my apartment early, so I took a longer walk through my neighborhood and went to book club. We drank mimosas and bottled margaritas and discussed our feelings about Trevor’s life i.e. is he funnier that John Stewart, does South Africa have the most corrupt cops (they don’t, it’s actually Haiti – yes we looked it up) and how serious is domestic violence (in Chicago, see here), what does it mean to hustle, and what we learned about Apartheid.

Football and Politics:

In between this discussion, the Cowboys vs. Packers game was on and we watched the incredible game. The last two field goals were everything.

We lingered and talked about Donald Trump’s inauguration and updates on starting a career. Everyone left and I started falling asleep to Princess Bride. I took an Uber home and finished drying my clothes.

So I guess my weekend was ordinary – shopping, chores, and hanging out with friends, but honestly, I live for great conversation, amazing company, and good books, so I’m pretty happy.

What did you do this weekend?


What do you do when you’ve turned into Carrie Bradshaw?

“Are you a player?” he asked me as we walked down the street.

“No, I just crush a lot,” I smiled.

I went home alone that night and I called my friend. “I only date players,” I said.

“You’re the biggest player I know,” she told me with no hesitation.

No. No, no, no, no. I can’t be a player.

The word “player” has such a negative connotation. It means he’s leading you on — he’s acting like he’s more interested in you than he really is.

A player is also someone who’s dating you and multiple other people at the same time. But because the relationship isn’t “real,” or defined, you can’t consider it cheating.

A player is cheating the system; they’re playing the game.

When I first started using Tinder, I loved how guys were always ready for a Tuesday night date.

You could swipe right in one second and your date would be waiting for you at a local bar just a couple hours later.

It was easy and simple, and it made the whole question of compatibility easy to distinguish. You actually met the person right away.

Going on a Tinder/Bumble/DM date was like eating a taco on taco Tuesday. It was convenient, it was fun and it was socially acceptable.

But after a while, you take a break from tacos and you come back and sit and wait and eventually think about getting more tacos. But no one asks you to go get tacos when you want them to.

When you start to date people, they could be seeing someone else. You know it and I know it, this isn’t your first taco.

There’s no rule book for when it’s inappropriate or hurtful to go on dates with someone else throughout the dating process.

Read the full article on Elite Daily.


How it feels to experience a sunny day in Seattle

When you wake up and go outside and it’s sunny in Seattle – you can’t help but smile. You meander through the streets and see the sunlight peaking out and you immediately walk towards the warmth. 

I recently took my first trip to the Pacific Northwest and after one day of the rain and cold, I couldn’t rationalize my move from Florida to Chicago. How did Chicago’s weather not affect me so much?

Seattle was so perfect, but I couldn’t get past the weather. It was like Chinese torture because it would rain. Stop. Rain again. Stop. Rain some more. And then freeze. 

Seattle is not a city of umbrellas, just baseball caps and jackets.

Seattle is gorgeous in its own right. It has so many coffee shops because without them everyone would be curled up in bed all day with a book. 

The locals don’t fight the weather. They have a positive mindset and smile and take your order or give you directions. But they have a sense of humor. They aren’t just nice, they are sarcastic and real. 

So as I took in the sunshine, I wanted to share with you how it feels to experience a sunny day in Seattle.

I am currently at the bay, experiencing the abstract art at Olympic Sculpture Park. I found a break in the path that led to a small rocky beachside. I like sitting on the rocks watching sea otters flip through the waves. I like hearing the waves so close to me as I sit on a big uncomfortable rock.

I like seeing the sun through the clouds and then feeeling it’s brightness on my eyes and it’s warmth on my legs as I recover from the chills of the storm – or as most would see it – an average day in Seattle.

I like looking out and seeing big white, puffy clouds and rich green grass. I like smelling firewood. I like getting excited about having coffee in the morning and stumbling upon all those places I’ve read about.

I like feeling the excitement and hearing the chants after a Seahawks game and seeing everyone wearing a shirt and an old man talking about his season passes

I did like taking a ferry to an island and talking to the girl with purple hair who gave me crab risotto on a gloomy day. 

I like books stores. I like activism. 

I like the intellectual conversation. I like the causal, but cool style.

But I like that when it’s sunny in Seattle, I can climb up the streets and down them.

I can walk up the residential streets of Queen Ann to Kerry Park and look over at a sunny Seattle.

I like continuing my journey to the Space Needle and though, not impressive, the surrounding pop art museum and science museum and the Chihuly gardens and the fountain were all worth the visit on a sunny day in Seattle.

I like sitting in the living room at 6 am to read the New York Times and look out and over to see the sun rise. I like staying in a mansion on top of a hill where I can walk to one of the most picturesque parks – Volunteer Park, where you can climb up a tower to see the sunrise and then climb down and sit on a sculpture and lookout around the surrounding forest and blocked off water.

I like art. I like the man painting a mural on a Monday morning. And most importantly I like taking a moment to be happy to see the sun. To smile and go to the bridge and lookout over a new city.

I really do like to explore. And yes I like to relax at night or on a beach and do absolutely nothing. But I really liked walking 29 miles in 48 hours to see the man painting a sculpture or the other man eating a Washington apple or the men throwing salmon at Pike Place Market.