Severe Thunderstorm Ponchos at Lollapalooza

In the Midwest, you never know if it will be sunny in July, snowing in May or hailing in August. The weather is fickle. If the weather report says to bring an umbrella, you will see some people walking around with a big umbrella.

But last night, the last night of the 3-day music festival, Lollapalooza, people were packed in the redline cars at 10:30 at night. Altogether we looked outside as the train’s car doors opened, and saw it hailing and pouring down rain.  As if we were all part of a class and the teacher instructed us to take out our textbooks, everyone reached into their bags and purses for a poncho.

Everyone, yes everyone had a poncho. Never have I seen people so prepared. It appears that Lollapalooza event staff did an amazing job of warning concert goers to buy an emergency poncho.

I didn’t get the memo. But, the couple in front of my handed me an extra emergency poncho as we all vacated the train.


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